Need your opinon on good vs bad research-practice!

Jan Kovacs jako0002 at
Tue Mar 25 15:52:28 EST 1997

The Swedish Medical Research Council (MFR) have plans for handling alleged
cases of so called bad research, and are thereby, as many other countries,
following USAs example of establishing formal (as well as informal)
responses to such deviant practices.  It seems that the need for explicit
guidelines and new ways of dealing with the fostering of good
research-practices is becoming more of a global need in a world undergoing
global changes about the views concerning ethics and moral. 
You are therefore hereby invited to my student-page at:

where you can take part, and make your own conclusions, on a could-be
authentic case dealing with research-ethics in a laboratory-environment.
You are also *very* welcome to fill out a questionnaire concerning these

Hopefully, if you haven't come in contact with this issues before, you
will be superficially introduced and aware about issues concerning the
future of research and research-conduct, including the awareness of
institutional, or central regulations (or guidelines) laid upon

In addition, in a near future I will add features on the web-page like;
useful web-sources connected to this topic, related information regarding
research-ethics, philosophy of science (focused on evolutionary,
naturalistic, accounts or epistemologies of scientific change), and
relevant info regarding the complex interconnections between biomedical,
clinical research and society.
Sincerely Jan,

Jan Kovacs             
Masters Degree in Medicine (summer 97)
Diploma in Theory of Science and Research (summer/autumn 97)
jako0002 at

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