Help classify dino-bird

Justin Wang redchina at
Thu Mar 27 11:02:14 EST 1997

I am working on an article about Sinosauropteryx, the
newly-discovered fossils of feathered dinosaurs in China,
but I am not a bio professional.

My question is how we distinguish birds from reptiles
(biologically speaking), or vice versa; I mean what is
the PRIME criterion? blood temperature, skeleton
structures, feather, or what else? or maybe there is no
such a line, or a strict line, at all?

I talked to Dr's and Prof's involved in the subject, but
some of them seemed deep in fame & finance concerns and
I heard different voices. I can not decide between "birds
vs. dinos" though the consensus is that the creature was
a warm-blooded dino-skeletoned thing with feather-like
hair.  I need a professional voice from the 3rd party.

Please email your reply. Thanks.
mailto:redchina at  Privacy protected.
(English excellent, Francais, Deutch, Espanol OK.)

Questions might be ignored. Sorry.

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