Electrophoresis for Very small peptides

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  leehbong at CC.KANGWON.AC.KR ("Lee, Hee-Bong") wrote:
>  Hi ! Everyone.
>      I have been doing enzymatic mapping of  protein(550KDa)
>      A terrible problem of SDS-PAGE for very small peptides(1000~10
>      000Da) and the protein(550kDa) in same gel was occured.
>      Good resolution of very small peptide have to be needed!!!!
>      If you have an answer, to mail me!!!!!

This is not as easy as you might think. Not only does the polyacrylamide
need to be more concentrated, but the buffers have to be changes

A full discussion can be found in "Current Protocols in Protein Science"
chapter 10.1.9 - 10.1.34. Volume 1, 1995

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