question on cloning

William Tivol tivol at
Fri Mar 28 16:39:05 EST 1997

Humphreys (tama727 at wrote:
: If we do develop the technology to clone humans, could
: diseases that are not hereditary be passed to the clone? 

	Since the DNA has to be inserted into a recipient cell in vitro,
it is conceivable [:-)] that an airborne organism could get into the dish
and be transferred along with the egg to the surrogate uterus.  It could 
propagate there and infect the developing embryo.  IMHO, most such inci-
dents would kill the embryo, but perhaps not.  Some viruses could do this.
Additionally, any disease which a mother can pass along to the fetus could
be passed on to a clone.  AIDS is one which comes to mind, and there are
many others.
				Bill Tivol

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