Good News/Bad News!!

Ken Synder sfd at
Fri Mar 28 19:36:32 EST 1997

Dear bioforum at 
Good News: Since you or a friend entered our WIN a Science Fiction
Hood Drawing we have been RATED A TOP FETISH SITE, by WEB Magazine!!
<a href=>The Review</a>.
<a href=>The Hood</a>.

Bad News:  I am sorry to inform you that you lost. But!

Good News: We have received so many requests, and have added 
so many new things to our magazine, that we have decided to have another Science 
Fiction Hood Drawing!!!.  

That's right, you can enter and win again!  Come see all our new attractions: 
       Instructional VIDEOS and action VIDEOS 
       Erotic Photo and Writing Contest 
       OUR EXOTIC EROTIC BALL, which includes: 
                     Breasts of the Exotic Erotic 
                     Caught in the Act (People filmed having sex at the ball) 
                     Cool Female Costumes 
                     Many more categories 

If after you visit our site, you decide to become a member of the largest
Dungeon Fantasy Toy and Apparel Catalog on the Internet, you are immediatly 
eligible to WIN 9 different prizes!!! And, you also receive our FREE 
S.F.Dungeon Screen Saver!!! A $39.00 Value!!! 

Enter NOW!!  And, WIN the hood before it's to late!!! 

                To The Contest	 
       <a href="">Click Here</a>		 
                For Video 
       <a href="">Click Here</a>	
                For Personals
       <a href="">Click Here</a>		 
You can email me at kendog at
Good Luck.  Enter NOW so you can WIN!!
Ken Synder 
P.S.  To remove yourself from any future contest mailings, simply email us back 
with remove in the subject header.

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