The human genom - how is it distributed?

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Mon Mar 31 14:36:46 EST 1997

William Tivol wrote:
> Robert Lachmann (rolach at wrote:
> : I am having an arguement with a friend of mine about how the human genes
> : are distributed on the DNA.That is, whether the human genes are
> : distributed on both DNA strands or just on one.
> Dear Robert,
>         The genes are located on the "sense" strand.  The "anti-sense"
> strand is not translated.  There are, of course, both sense and anti-
> sense strands on each chromosome (maternal & paternal), giving (usually)
> two copies of each gene per genome.

I don't think you answered his question. In essence, he is asking if
what is called the "sense" (coding) strand for one gene might be the
"antisense" (noncoding) strand for a gene at another site on the *same*

I *think* this is possible in humans, but I'm not sure. (I'm almost
positive it happens in viruses, though).

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