1000s of completely free term papers

Mon Mar 31 09:02:59 EST 1997

Students beware:
As a college professor, I am deeply disturbed by the proliferation of 
term paper services promising students an A in a course by copying 
someone else's work.
This is just a warning that I routinely peruse these sites after 
recieving papers submitted by my students, especially if I feel that the 
quality of the paper is above the level that the studennt has led me to 
expect from him or her.  
If I find that a student has plagarized another's work without giving 
credit, not only would that student recieve an F in my course 
automatically, but I would also bring that student before the committee 
of academic dishonesty, where I would suggest suspension from the 
university for at least a semester for a first offense.
These services are destructive of the educational process, and undermine 
the integrity of students.  Plagarism is a crime, and I would deal with 
it as such.

Jay Mone'
Millersville University

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