question on cloning

glover martin gwmartin at
Mon Mar 31 15:49:10 EST 1997

William Tivol (tivol at wrote:
: Humphreys (tama727 at wrote:
: : If we do develop the technology to clone humans, could
: : diseases that are not hereditary be passed to the clone? 

: 	Since the DNA has to be inserted into a recipient cell in vitro,
: it is conceivable [:-)] that an airborne organism could get into the dish
: and be transferred along with the egg to the surrogate uterus.  It could 
: propagate there and infect the developing embryo.  IMHO, most such inci-

depends on the cell.  not all viruses can infect all cells (i.e. most have
specific receptors surface proteins by which they gain entry)

: dents would kill the embryo, but perhaps not.  Some viruses could do this.
: Additionally, any disease which a mother can pass along to the fetus could
: be passed on to a clone.  AIDS is one which comes to mind, and there are
: many others.

depends on the origin of the donor nucleus.  HIV does not infect all

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