genetic engineering

Wubaduoy wubaduoy at
Sun Mar 30 14:42:47 EST 1997

> Engeering are sufficient to outweight the risks.
> WELL, do u think my points is valid???

Some points are valid. But I reckon anything this powerful, volatile and
unpredictable should be left alone and be made outlawed.

We cannot prevent animal extinction by cloning. Dolly the sheep was the
only succesful birth out of about 200 attempts, so the risk is high.
Besides, a cloned population would ultimately become predominantly
homozygous at most alleles and die out due to deleterious recessives. We
can prevent extintion by not hunting the damn animal and fucking up its

Gene therapy has proved successful, but there's a limit. Should we have
the right to change the eye and hair colour of our unborn child?

No way in hell do the benefits outweigh the risks. We hardly know
anything! we cannot predics the dire consequences and yet will only stop
after a disaster (only for a while).

I say fuck genetics!

>From a genetics student

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