The human genom - how is it distributed?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Mon Mar 31 11:46:57 EST 1997

Robert Lachmann (rolach at wrote:
> I am having an arguement with a friend of mine about how the human genes
> are distributed on the DNA.That is, whether the human genes are
> distributed on both DNA strands or just on one.

In E. coli, both strands may serve as coding strands. I don't see
any reason why it should be different in humans.

Biochemistry books are probably not the best place to research this
question. You might try Ben Lewin's "Genes" (I heard that the latest
edition has just come out). However, I doubt that the question is
covered there in broad detail, which is fairly sensible since the
information is being updated almost continuously :-9. Therefore, better
places to look are probably online. A good place to start might be
the Genome Database at, mirrored in Germany


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