No bugs for bats

Batman nrcobbe at
Thu Nov 6 14:43:17 EST 1997


The Dublin Bat Group, a conservation and animal welfare organization,
would like to hear from any competent computer programmers who reckon
they could assist with a display for their exhibition at ENFO next

They would be particularly interested in developing an interactive
program consisting of a map of Ireland, such that when a region is
clicked on with the mouse, a picture of the local bats would appear
along with a recording of their calls.  Naturally, the Bat Group
themselves could provide these recordings as well as images for
scanning.  ENFO have agreed to provide a small budget for the

If you would like to be involved in this project to help educate the
public about these endangered and misunderstood species, please get
in contact with either Brian or Donna Keeley of the Dublin Bat Group
by 'phoning (Ireland) 01 834 7134.

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