Over 400 BILLION DOLLARS is owed to the North American Public!

money at VEGAS.NET money at VEGAS.NET
Fri Nov 7 05:05:49 EST 1997

There is over 400 BILLION DOLLARS in unclaimed and lost money in North
America and we want to help people get their money back! 

In a continuing effort to inform the public of this money, Personal Funds
Recovery, Inc. is launching an INFOMERCIAL to air across North America.
This INFOMERCIAL will educate millions of viewers about the over 400
BILLION DOLLARS that needs to be returned to it's rightful owners.
We are looking for 300 INDEPENDENT AGENTS who will become a part of this
campaign. Each Agent will own an exclusive territory and will receive a 
percentage of every lead generated from the national informercial!  Your
involvement will be very finacially rewarding.  Visit our website at
www.owedmoney.com to find out more about the opportunity and how you can
get involved .       

**If this notice is of no interest to you please reply with "Remove" in the

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