Dont feed the Fat man.

freedoment at ULTRAMAX.NET freedoment at ULTRAMAX.NET
Fri Nov 7 05:15:38 EST 1997

We will recover the last 3 years of Income Taxes ( state and federal )

100% success rate
No repercussions

As long as you put food in front of a Fat mans face he will eat
and eat.....and eat ........and eat,............... until he explodes!!
Our government now has a  5.4 Trillion dollar debt  !!!!
Your share is $20,000

Why would you keep feeding our Bloated Federal government
when you don't need to ---- unless you volunteered ????

Learn the truth about your income tax liability and where your
money goes !!!

Reply with TAX as the subject __ include your "snail mail address"____
 and we will mail a 23 page document that explains how and why we are
 able to do this .... no cost 
OR Call 1-888-820-1726  24 hrs  --> leave a message.

If you have problems with the IRS, we'll get em off your back!

Thank you,
Freedom Enterprises
We are not a "tax protest" group. We believe you should pay 
every cent of tax you legally owe.
If you are offended by this message please HIT REPLY WITH "REMOVE"
IN THE SUBJECT - If you do not put "remove" in the subject line our system 
will not be able to automatically remove your name!
 ------please accept our apologies. ------ 
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