Collecting Autographs is Great Family Fun.

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Fri Nov 14 01:59:58 EST 1997

I would like to share with you a new hobby that
my daughter and I have been working on for only
a short time. We've already had some great results.
We've started collecting autographs. Originally,
I was looking for a hobby or craft we could work
on together. One of my co-workers collects autographs
himself, and suggested it to me. The more I thought
about it, the more I liked it. Just as a test, early
in our new adventure, I let my daughter pick the
three people she wanted to have autographs from. I
followed the suggestions in the book I checked out
from the library.  Much to my surprise, we got a
response. Now, in addition to the normal junk mail
and bills, there are often wonderful surprises in
our mailbox. It's exciting for me. It's more exciting
for my daughter. You are limited only by your
imagination. I recently mailed a letter with several
compliments and a couple of very short questions to
a very prominent Russian Government official. I have
no idea if he, or someone from his office, will
respond, but that's just part of the sport. My
daughter really likes to write to, and hear back from,
various movie stars. I have other interests.

The lessons my daughter is learning from this hobby
are exactly the ones I think she should be learning
at her age. When she takes the time, and makes the
effort, she gets rewarded some of the time, not every
time. She has gotten signed pictures, short notes and
other really interesting memorabilia. She is the envy
of all her friends. The strange thing is, she simply
made the effort and they have not.

I would like to make you a challenge to you. Spend
some time with your children with this hobby and see
if you don't get caught up in it the way we have. Out
of my favorites, I've picked the first 50 popular
people along with their mailing address from 4
different books that I've purchased. The list is
below. Look it over. It's quite diverse.

1.	Abdul, Paula
2. 	Agassi, Andre
3.	Aikman, Troy 
4.	Allen, Tim
5.	Anderson, Pamela Sue  
6.	Anniston, Jennifer
7.	Applegate, Christina	
8.	Aykroyd, Dan  
9.	Barrymore, Drew
10.	Basinger, Kim  
11.	Beatty, Warren
12.	Bergen, Candice  
13.	Bolton, Michael  
14.	Bowe, Riddick
15.	Brando, Marlon 
16.	Bridges, Jeff
17.	Brinkley, Christie
18.	Brooks, Garth
19.	Brosnan, Pierce
20.	Bush, George
21.	Carey, Mariah
22.	Carrey, Jim
23.	Caruso, David
24.	Carvey, Dana
25.	Charles, Ray  
26.	Cher  
27.	Clinton, Bill & Hillary
28.	Clooney, George
29.	Connery, Sean
30.	Costner, Kevin
31.	Cox, Courtney
32.	Crawford, Cindy
33. Cruise, Tom
34. Curtis, Jamie Lee
35. Danson, Ted
36. Danza, Tony
37. Delaney, Dana 
38. DeNiro, Robert
39. Derek, Bo
40. DeVito, Danny
41. Dillon, Matt
42. Doherty, Shannen 
43. Douglas, Michael
44. Dreyfuss, Richard
45. Dunaway, Faye
46. Dylan, Bob
47. Eastwood, Clint
48. Elvira
49. Fawcett, Farrah
50. Field, Sally
51. Bonus
52. Bonus

I think you will be pleasantly surprised how many
of the above people will respond to you simply by
writing them and asking for an autograph.

I've found through my reading and experience that
there are some do's and don'ts involved that will
or increase or decrease your success. It's all
very easy. I will be sharing them with you.

If you find this idea interesting but you don't want
to lay out a lot of money to find out if this hobby
is for you, then take me up on my simple offer. Mail
me $5.00 for the above list of addresses and try it
for yourself. 

I'll "land mail" or "Email" you the above address
list along with a text on how to increase your
chances for success. At my wifes suggestion, if you
don't see your favorite person on the above list, I
will include any 2 other addresses if I have them.
Chances are that I do, but I make no promises. You
might want to include several extra to increase your
chances. Christmas is just around the corner. Signed
letters and autographs make excellent and very unique
gifts (if you can part with them).

If you would like the list land mailed to you, be
sure and include a self addressed stamped envelope.
** A number 10 (standard office size) envelope. Be
SURE and include your email address if you want the
info emailed to you fast. 

I will go one more step to make you feel comfortable.
I'm going to give you a "Money Back Guarantee". If
you are unsatisfied for any reason, you get your
money back!  Period!  

Upon receiving your order, the complete Celiberty
Starter List will be promptly emailed or land mailed
to you.

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