Bulk e-mail services to promote your web site!

Fri Nov 14 14:43:58 EST 1997

Just want to test the waters 

starting at $29.95 for 10,000 e-mails  Best deal on the net!!!!

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Bulk emailing Really works! 

When done responsibly and professionally, it can play an absolutely vital role in your
company's success on the Internet. You will see dramatic results! There are many
advantages. First, the subject line of your ad is guaranteed to be read by EVERY recipient.
With a good subject line, you can count on your entire ad being read by a most recipients.
It's a numbers game. The more people receiving your ad, the better your chances of
attracting a substantial number of visitors to your Web site. The list we use has been
filtered and perfected over several months, so it includes people who have been receptive
to bulk mailings in the past. Many are opportunity seekers or business owners, two groups
that have been shown to be interested in new products and services.

                    Our Commitment To Our Customers

     Your mailings are sent out with your message only, You don't share a letter with
     another company. 
     We have run our lists through 3 filters, two public and our own private remove list to
     reduce chances of flames or complaints and to promote responsible bulk emailing. 
     No duplicate addresses 
     Our list has been refined and filtered to give quality results 
     Most names are business people and opportunity seekers, these two groups are
     known to be more responsive to email offers than any other group 
     Unlimited customer service 
     We will not be undersold! 
visit us  http://www.ultramax.net/~fred/services.htm

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