SALE - Extractor Pro - SALE

Sun Nov 16 13:36:42 EST 1997

Brand new...Extractor Pro 6.1...Features galore!

..extractor, speed mailer, customer list manager, 
built-in, unlimited autoresponders and much more.

The Web Weasel...Internet email address extractor.  None better.

Get Both for $349.00, last years price, during my Monday Sale.
This is a $50.00 savings. 

Email @ddress Locator...a new extractor that allows location
targeted extracting...$399.00...Purchase Extractor Pro 6.1 and 
the Web Weasel at the sale price of $349.00 and purchase 
EALocator for $299.00.  That is a $150.00 total savings.  If you 
are one of my previous E Pro customers, you too can purchase 
EALocator for $299.00.  If you are a previous Extractor Pro 
customer and haven't upgraded to 6.1, do so, it's free as are 
all Extractor Pro upgrades.

All programs can be downloaded in trial demo form.  Infact, all 
you need to download is file: setup61.exe   All three programs 
are included in this download package.  Pretty darn easy! 

These prices are good only on Monday, 11-17-97 and only 
during the hours posted.  You must visit the download page 
of my Extractor Site and read the Special Sale Hours.  Click 
on the Specials Link.  You must also download and install the 
programs prior to calling on Monday.  

This is a Credit Cards Only Sale.  And time is short.

Learn the direct/bulk email process.  Step by step guidence.

The complete bulk-email-friendly Service Provider List.

Addresses, addresses and more addresses.

All your Direct Email Marketing needs and many more online 
marketing tools.  I'll be working Saturday and Sunday 'til 12 
midnight EST if you need to call for assistance.  But I will only 
take orders on Monday.

For an automated reply, send any email to extpro60 at
When you get to my home page, follow the Extractor Links.


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