Save on Inkjet /Laser Cartridges

Tue Nov 18 09:36:49 EST 1997

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Dear Computer User, Do you have an Inkjet or Laser printer ....

Are you interested in saving on your INKJET printing costs?  We recycle Inkjet Cartridges for most inkjet printers with savings up to 50%.  For example, we recycle high capacity HP51626A cartridges or Canon BC-02 for $14.95, and all others for the same price.

I would like to send you a free Flyer describing our "Jetpak" Mailer which enables you to recycle an inkjet cartridge by mail.  One Jetpak Mailer costs $14.95.  (If you find you like our service and order 6 Jetpak Mailers the price drops to $12.95 each, and for 12 Jetpaks to $10.95 each).

If your are interested in receiving a free Flyer describing our service, please reply with your U.S. Postal Service address - and I will mail one out to you with no obligation.

We also have a similar free Flyer for recycling LASER cartridges.  This Flyer comes with a free UPS label to give you FREE shipping one way (should you choose to try our service).  If you would like this free LASER cartridge Flyer and UPS label - please leave your U.S. Postal Service adderss and say "Laser" somewhere in your response.  Thank you.

Thank you,

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling
 mwc at

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