Glycolysis -- Krebs cykle

Åsmund K. Røhr asmundr at
Tue Nov 18 11:44:03 EST 1997

Glycolysis produce 2 ATP and 2 NADH. These two NADH molecules, how are
they transported into the mitokondrium, and what do this cost ?

The raction pyruvate ---> Acetyl - Co- A also produce one ATP per pyruvate
molecule. Where do this rection take place (integral proteines or
pheripheral proteines on the mitokondrium membrane?) and what di they

Another question: Many bioenergetic calculations I have seen are
isothermal. The body temprature are diffrent deep inside, and just below
the skin. How big is the error in these calculations?

Often when the human body is infected we got fever. I guess this is a
respond witch will favor chemical rections with large posetive entropi.
Is this right? 

Thank you for reading my questions, and I hope I can get som answers

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