Help ! (Slipped disc)

LEHunger lehunger at
Sun Nov 23 12:38:28 EST 1997

<<Had the MRI - which shows substantial herniation at L4-5.  The
specialist advised a surgery.  The book by Dr Augustus White says a
surgery should be justifiable only by decapacitating pain, of which I
don't feel now.  Still receive tinkling sensations at the fingers/toes
sometimes, and slight numbness at some parts of the limbs (like loss of
strength) and slight pain at the foot (especially during the morning
moments when I've just got out from bed).

Should I go for a surgery?>>
No, not yet.  Find a specialist in rehabilitation medicine=physiatry=PM&R; your
hospital's physical therapy department is the place to start.  If you have a
medical school nearby, their PT dept is also a good place to go for help.
Go slowly, be gentle to your back.  Bend from the knees, no lifting over 10-20
pounds=one to two gallons of milk.   Walk, walk, walk etc etc etc.  Do not lift
any free weights without having that limb protected from gravity at all times.
And......tingling in your fingers has nothing to do with your Lower back.  are
you hyperventilating, or do you also have a protruding disc in your neck.
ttfn.......been there, done this.
Linda H.
Linda E. Hungerford

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