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Mon Nov 24 13:15:29 EST 1997

We ask for a help because we meet the disease we have not seen
  Seven cases including 3 men and 4 women ,age from 28 to 42,
  suffered from constantsevere headache lasting
  three to ten days.3 cases present stabbing pain in
  paroxy smal intercoatal neuralgia. 1 with sharp
  burnt sense in the skin over whole body. 6 cases with low fever

  physical examination: 6 cases show clear consciousness, 1 case
  somnolence. Cranial nerves and muscle power are normal.All patients
  soft neck; Brudziskis`sign negative, kernig`s
  sign are negative except one
  suspicion;Bibinakis` sign are negative, 5 cases with general or local
  region pain present hyperpathia in the relative
  region.No subcutaneous swelling , nodule or rash was found.

  Laboratery test:
  WBC differental count show: eosinophilc cell were 9-37%. LP: 2 cases
  CSF pressure increased
  CSF analysis: no RBC was found;WBC count were 225
  -1400/mm3,eosinophilie cell wrer 16-72%;glucose
  content were normal; protien were 0.50-1.09g/L.Chloride redused to
  93mmol/L at one case and others were normal.
  skull C.T. were normal in all cases.
  Epidemiologyinvestigation: All patiens had some uncooked food
  including sea snail one or two week before they
  present the symptoms. We also find 12 cases with same symptoms in a
  of 20 pepol who had a same dinner
  We consider this disease as Eosinophilic meningoencephalitis. Human
  parasitic disease--Angiostrogyliasis is at first
  suspected. Trichniasis and Gnathostomiasic spinigera still remain to
  excluded. We have not any spetialimmuological
  test method for these patient`s diagnosis.We call a help:
  1 . the diagnosis of this disease
  2. avialible examinntron method
  3. the treatment experience of the same disease

  Please contect with us by mail,fax or E-mail se
  Tel 86-0577-8338921-4235
  Fax 86-0577-8332693
  add Mr. wang xiaotong
  2nd Hospital of W.M.C
  109 college road
  wenzhou city zejiang
  P.R. China
  E-mail :emyco at

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