are there any proteins < 1 kD?

Frank O. Fackelmayer fof1 at
Mon Nov 24 06:58:38 EST 1997

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mlevin at (Michael Levin) wrote:

>    Are there any proteins or protein families less than 1 kD in size? I'm
> especially interested in ones which may have an interesting role in some
> process (regulation, development, etc.). Please send any ideas to
> mlevin at (or, if there's some database that one can search
> with this sort of criteria in mind, I'd be very grateful to know). 
> Thanks!
> Mike Levin

Hi Mike,
I agree with Vladimir about the definition of "proteins". What you are
interested in, appear to be peptides. As a starting point, see the
"Bioactive Peptides" chapter of the SIGMA catalogue (no affiliation).
You´ll find many interesting examples there.
Hope this helps,

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