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The Biological and Medical Virtual Communications Trust (BMC)
How Science Works Project 

BMC a registered UK charity (1059854) - whose mission is to: 

Advance biological and medical science by the improvement and diffusion 
of knowledge through enhanced global communication systems.

A planned project, for which we are presently seeking funding, is to extend 
our Internet presence ( We hope to provide 
real-life stories from biological and medical scientists to allow 
non-scientists as well as young (and old) people thinking about becoming 
a scientist an insight into how science works.

We hope to publish essays at our established web site from biological and 
medical scientists working in controversial areas of science, or even just 
those seen as controversial by the public, as well as essays from people 
who have been at the forefront of a major discovery. If you think that you 
fit into either of these descriptions then please contact me for a discussion 
of the possible ways forward.

However, the third and fourth areas of this project, and these are the ones I 
am mostly concerned about in this mailing, are to 

a)  find biological and medical scientists who have taken a unique route 
getting to their current position, and 
b)  build up a database of descriptions of what various biological and 
medical scientists actually do

Did you start off as an architect and end up as a molecular biologist; did 
you embark on a career as a dentist and end up an entomologist? Are you 
such a person?

If you are and you would consider contributing a short essay then please 
contact me. 

The essay would outline your path to where you are now and what 
brought about your various moves, were you influenced, or forced through 
circumstances. The idea is to show that there is no single standard route to 
becoming a biological or medical scientist.

Obviously the charitable nature of the project precludes any large payment 
but there may be some funding to allow payment of a small honorarium.

For the fourth objective we are looking for the widest range of biological 
and medical scientists who would be willing to contribute a short essay 
describing, in general terms what they do The essay would be aimed at and 
should be able to be understood by any lay person. The aim is to show the 
wide range of activities and areas of investigation undertaken by biological 
and medical scientists

Thank you for your support

Dr. Bob Lauder	
Bob at
The Biological and Medical Virtual Communications Trust
UK registered charity (1059854)

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