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Fri Oct 3 06:33:34 EST 1997

Just like you I received this in my email box. I thought, just another piece of junk mail.  Wait, then I read the document!  As I read through this document I realized this is the most unusual business opportunity I had ever seen. I had tried other  multilevel marketing programs before,  no other program compared to this.  I hope you will see the amazing potential that this program has.  If you are not impressed just drag it to the email trash can.  Oh, by the way, if you are a junk email heater I have a solution to eliminate the junk in your email box.  Please look at this web page to stop junk email.

Any one can do this....(students, house wives, grandparents, Any One)

1. Low cash to get started (only $20.-) 
2. Quick CASH  income 
3. No need to leave your home. 
4. No additional operating costs or products to buy. 
5. You need not buy any other equipment (you already have a computer with e-mail) 
6. No employees needed (just a little of your time) 
7. 98% of the marketing someone else does and you still make all the cash (you pay no commissions) 

 ******   For complete info on how it this program works look over web page at:
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