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Save Up To 75% On Your Current Life Insurance Premiums !
REPLY for a FREE QUOTE from the BEST Companies with the LOWEST Rates !

Rate survey includes the following companies:
Aetna, CNA, First Colony, First Penn-Pacific, Lincoln Benefit,
Life of Virginia, Metropolitan, The Midland,
United of Omaha, Zurich Kemper, and many more.

COMPARE the COSTS of your Current Coverage to the Following ten year, Level
Term Rates. (Monthly premiums assuming healthy, non smoker underwriting):

Amount   $100,000          $250,000         $500,000
Age      Male    Female    Male    Female   Male    Female
30       $8.46   $7.74     $14.14  $11.92   $22.84  $18.44
40       $9.99   $9.18     $18.21  $15.44   $31.62  $25.45
50       $18.50  $14.20    $37.24  $27.84   $68.77  $50.03
60       $38.63  $26.40    $81.65  $51.60   $156.69 $97.18

Our Members Shop The Market For YOU!
Offering the Lowest Priced "A-" and Above Rated Life Inurance Companies in
Your State !

To receive your FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE, please: Drag across the
following questionnaire including the intermarketing address (and select it); Click on  FORWARD TO (not reply to) and type, or cut and paste, the following address in the TO box. intermarketing at   Then take a few minutes to answer the following questions:


NOTE: REPLY TO    intermarketing at
1) Your Name:
2) DOB (mm/dd/yy):
3) Male/Female:
4) Height:      Weight:
5) City/State:
6) Phone:
7) Do you use any tobacco products
          (if so please detail type/frequency):
8) Do you have any particular health problems:
          (if so, please detail):
9) Do you have a family history of any particular health problems:
          (if so, please detail):
10) Amount of life insurance currently in-force:
11) Current life insurance premium per year:
12) Amount of insurance you would like a rate quote on:
          (e.g. $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000)
13) Type of life insurance you require, if known:
          (Term, Universal Life, Whole Life)

All Rate Quotes shown are from insurance companies rated A++,A+,A,or A- by
A.M. Best company ( a registered rating service) and include all fees and
commissions. Actual premium and coverage availability will vary depending
upon:age, sex, state availability, tobacco usage, health history, and
family history.

a confidential, informal inquiry. Licensed insurance professionals in your
state of residence will contact you and return your completed quote

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