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 Might we ask the same questions about Salk, Pasteur and thousands of
other researchers.

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On Wed, 8 Oct 1997 quimico at wrote:

> Today, we are seeing a reseacher dig for the remains of miners
> killed in the Spanish Flu epidemics. Given the Norwegian climate,
> it's conceivable that some viable virus remain there.
> What I want to discuss is:
> 1) Does he have a right to risk the lives of millions of human beings?
> 2) He is human, and fallible, and, by consequence so are his
> safety criterions and measures. Can he be trusted with such
> responsability?
> 3)Is it ethical that such a risky reserch be initiated when almost
> none of the persons whose life is put in jeopardy by his research
> has any way of relating to the reserch ( how it is done, safety measures,
> etc.) ? Isn't it awfully authoritarian?
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