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guetuze21 at FREEDOM4U.COM guetuze21 at FREEDOM4U.COM
Tue Oct 7 19:03:43 EST 1997

Dear Friend,  
I thought you may be as concerned as I after the recent Congressional hearings 
on IRS abuse.  If you are, I have access to information which is vital to anyone 
interested in protecting themselves and their families.  I am working with folks 
who have spent years advising the very wealthy on how to become virtually 
invisible, and as a result, they have avoided being anyone's target.  These 
strategies are NOT illegal-nothing shady involved.  Law knowledge-not 
They have an awesome specialized knowledge on how to legally minimize, or 
even eliminate one's tax liability.  They also know how to very simply make us 
free from any risk of judgments, liens, or seizures (the very risks that are wiping 
out the assets of thousands of American families every month!).  We have spent over three years compiling a very easy to read report that enables you to start immediately to benefit from these same strategies the super wealthy have been using for years.  Protect yourself 
and your family from anyone who wishes to harm you financially.

We guarantee you your CPA does not have this knowledge or at least how to correctly use it!  Learn for yourself.  And do it right!
If you share my concerns and would like additional information on this report, please email me 
<A HREF="mailto:Bill at truewealth.com"> CLICK HERE </A> or click Reply and 
put "information" in the subject line.  I will send you some very interesting rea

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