Male, 25, Non-Smoker, No Dieases, Not Taking Medicine, Lives in West Haven, CT (06516): Looking for Health Insurance

Abraham B Silverstein bz304 at
Fri Oct 10 17:47:14 EST 1997

                                        October 10, 1997
Dear Readers:
I am not sure if I am posting on the right newsgroup, but I did
a search of interests in "" for "health and
insurance" and this is what the search turned up.  If I am
posting in the wrong place, please forgive me, and I shall refer
all future questions elsewhere. (I made similar mistakes on
groups once or twice and people have E-Mailed me thesis-length
explaining why I am on the wrong newsgroup.)
My questions are this:
I am twenty-five years old, male, do not smoke, have never been
hospitalized, and I am taking NO medication.  I also do not
have any diseases or infirmities.  I also live in West Haven,
Connecticut (06516).
I would like to know if any insurers are out there and how much
they can charge me?  I have just been booted off of my father's
insurance because I am an "overaged dependent".  And, it is
hard to contact health insurance companies, because everyone
has disappeared off of the planet because of the long weekend.

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