Automobile Buying Made Easy

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 Automobile Buying Made Easy
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               Automobile Buying Made Easy
    It's A Free Smooth Ride With The AutoReports Automobile Information Source.
 One visit to or one quick phone call to
 1-800-YES-COST (1-800-937-2678) gives you:
 *  Free new car, truck, or van pricing information.  You will learn what the
    dealer pays the manufacturer for the new car or van of your choice.
 *  Free trade in value on your current car.
 *  Free retail evaluation of the used vehicle you would like to purchase.
 *  Free processing of your loan application before you visit the dealer.
 *  Free one low pre-negotiated sales price at dealership in your area. (if
    available)  Where you can purchase the automobile, truck, or van as low as
    the invoice price. *
    (The price the dealer paid the manufacturer for the vehicle.)
 *  Free automobile insurance quotes.
 Visit our web site at and let us be your single
 source for automobile purchasing information.  Why not, the service is FREE!
 P.S.  When you visit our site make sure you enter our quarterly raffle to WIN
 PRIZES such as CHICAGO BULLS TICKETS, third row across from the Chicago Bulls
 bench, and a COMPUTER!
 As a subscriber to AutoReports, we will periodically mail you valuable
 information on auto savings in your area.  Our messages will be short and you
 will always have the option to be removed from our subscriber list, but if you
 feel the information we have provided is helpful, please continue to allow us
 the opportunity to save you money.
 * Only limited supply models will be higher.  United Buying Service is not a
 licensed dealer or broker.  All sales are made through licensed car dealers. 
 Dealer's profit is not limited to the amount of dollars charge over invoice.
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