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Sat Oct 18 19:19:47 EST 1997

I do not wish to intrude, if you are not interested in this brief
message please disregard it and accept my apologies in advance.
You will not be contacted again unless you request it.  Thank you.

Do you need to reach your potential customer?  

The Internet is an inexpensive advertising tool that millions have
access to.  We would like to share with you our knowledge and
experience in the profitable world of online advertising and
marketing.  This information will be invaluable to the successful
business person on the Internet today.

Please take a moment to look over what we have to offer you.

Bulk E-Mail Lists -  Where to find the best priced bulk e-mail lists
on the Internet today! Looking for Targeted and General lists?
Want someone else to send them for you?

Bulk E-mail Friendly ISP’s - This is not advertised to the general
public.  Only a limited number of users will be accepted.

Stealth Mass Mailer - Send e-mail at incredibly fast speeds,
anonymously - don’t lose another ISP. Send out up to 250,000 per
hour, no kidding!  FREE demo available.

E-Mail Pro - Address extractor, easy to use.  Compile your own
targeted lists with ease.

Merchant Accounts - We can get anyone, yes anyone, set up with
their own Merchant Account.  Be able to accept your customers
credit cards and checks-by-fax/email/phone.

Information to get you started in your own home based business.

URL’s - Secret sites for online marketers, and more.....

What would you be willing to spend to receive all this
information?  Because we have been so successful selling our line
of products using bulk e-mail campaigns we can give you all this
incredible information at the low price of just $25.

Important update.......  
We want you to be able to start right away so we will include, at
absolutely no additional cost to you, 

58,000 E-mail addresses !  

Use these addresses when you try out your Free demo of Stealth! 
(the addresses come one per line in text format, they can be used
with most any program)  These addresses alone are worth more
than the small investment of $25.


Customers get to share bulk e-mail information within the group
and learn the latest bulk e-mail tactics in terms of what is currently
being done by others. The nature of the game changes daily.
Without a network, it's very hard. Unlimited technical support. We
answer the phone live, every day (8am to 10pm EST), no call

The holiday season is right around the corner and people are going
to be looking for that perfect something....  are you going to profit
from this or is your competitor?  We will rush all the information
you need to get started and succeed!  

Please print out this order form and mail it to: 

Michelle Peterson
P.O. Box 78914
Tucson, AZ  85703

Enclosed is my investment of $25  
( ) cash   ( ) certified check  ( ) money order

Please rush me all the information and 58,000 email addresses! 
(We ship out orders the same day they are received.)

*Name _____________________________________________

*Address ___________________________________________

*City __________________  *State  __________  *Zip _______

Phone (        )  ___________________

Email Address ____________________

* required information

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