Thought for the Day

Sun Oct 19 03:57:20 EST 1997

Thought for the day is a subscription based E-Mail service.  This service sends out positive e-mail daily to its subscribers.  These messages are positive quotes and sayings that entice you to think or feel positive.  

How would you like to get up and start your day with a positive thought.

Being positive is a must for success in business and in life.  A positive attitude will show in the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you feel about yourself and others.

A positive attitude also gives you the power and the courage to try out new ideas and new ways of living, a determination to only accept the best.

Being positive will not only make you more dynamic, but also relaxed.  When you are relaxed you are in the right mode to receive inspirational ideas.

To learn to be positive, is to open up a whole new life- a bright, shiny, magical life where dreams can come true and anything is possible.

To help you become more positive subscribe to " THOUGHT FOR THE DAY"
Receive daily inspirational messages to help in all your tasks.

To Subscribe:  Send $15.00 for a 6 month subscription
                                  $30.00 for a 1 year  subscription

To:C.B.C. Enterprises
      P.O. Box 101
      Mt. Vernon Wa 98273

We accept cash , money orders, casheir checks and personal checks.
Please enclose the E-Mail address you are subscribing for.

Thank you.

For inquires or samples cbcent at

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