HEEEEEELLLLLLP ME!!!!!! (list of molecules)

Nathalie Castells-Brooke mserv at res.bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Oct 21 06:26:26 EST 1997

ear old BIO AP student in DESPERATE need to find the structures
> of some of the following molecules:
> glycogen                        histone
> peptidoglycan                   "glycoprotein"*
> permease                        "phospholipid"*
> collagen                        ecdysone
> hemoglobin                      carotinoids
> insulin                         chlorophyll
> immunoglobulin                  DNA/RNA
> actin
> tubulin
> I realize that this is a rather lengthy list, but ANYTHING will help
> me!!! If you know of a www address where I could find some of these, I
> would GREATLY appreciate it. TNX!!!!!
> -Christine Williams-


you will find some at


you can try search the 3D protein database

That will work for the proteins....

You will find info on the structure of DNA and RNA at


and at 


If ou exploer the RAsmol site you might find some valuable information.
They ahave built tutorial to explain the structure of proteins. You will
need to install rasmol for that. 

it is at 

I hope that helps.

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