Leitz Ultropak FS

Ron Neumeyer micron at bc.sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 21 20:33:55 EST 1997

For sale: Leitz Ultropak and objectives for an Ortholux 1, or Panphot. 
Details as follows:

(1) Bright field Ultropak unit (nosepiece);
(2) Five UO objectives - 4x, 6.5x, 11x, 22x and 42x;
(3) Dipping cone attachment for low power objectives (allows use on
moist, or partially submerged specimens);
(4) User manual (photocopy).

The system is in excellent condition. Asking $600US, free shipping
overland in USA and Canada.  JPEG images will be e-mailed on request.

Ron Neumeyer

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