Thermodynamic problems (Pentcho Valev)

Lukasz Salwinski lukasz at
Wed Oct 22 09:05:33 EST 1997


>   However you are wrong that the potential depends on the ratio of the
>compartments. The only thermodynamic requirement is that the
>electrochemical potential
>     MU(elchm) = MUo + RTln(C_K+) + F(Phi)                 /1/

>where C_K+ is the concentration of K+, F is the Faraday and Phi is the
>electrical potential, be uniform throughout the system. As C_K+ goes
>to zero with distance to the right, it follows unequivocally from /1/ that

it does not universally go to zero. sorry :o( whatever the bulk concentration of K+ is
going to be depends on the ratio of the reservoirs' volumes and membrane

>Phi goes to infinity. 



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