Living organisms and thermodynamics (Pentcho Valev)

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RUMYM+AEA-BGEARN.ACAD.BG wrote in message
+AD4-Bryant Fujimoto wrote:
BF+AD4-1. a potassium atom at the right electrode is oxidized, releasing a
BF+AD4-K ion to the solution on the right and an electron in the electrode.
BF+AD4-2. The electron flows to the left electrode where it reduces a K,
BF+AD4-consuming a K from the left solution.      ...

  This doesn't quite close the problem. You said you wanted to know
the POTENTIAL difference between the electrodes. If you measure this
with an ideal voltmeter (infinite resistance) then the electrochemistry
can't actually happen (i.e. it stays +ACI-potential+ACI-) and you will record
the appropriate voltage.

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