HEEEEEELLLLLLP ME!!!!!! (list of molecules)

Edith Duerbaum Edith.Duerbaum at post.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Oct 23 10:42:50 EST 1997

Christine Williams wrote:
>I'm a 17 year old BIO AP student in DESPERATE need to find the
> structures of some of the following molecules:
>glycogen                        histone
>peptidoglycan                   "glycoprotein"*
>permease                        "phospholipid"*
>collagen                        ecdysone
>hemoglobin                      carotinoids
>insulin                         chlorophyll
>immunoglobulin                  DNA/RNA

>I realize that this is a rather lengthy list, but ANYTHING will help
>me!!! If you know of a www address where I could find some of these, I
>would GREATLY appreciate it. TNX!!!!!

>-Christine Williams-

How about the library and a textbook like Biochemistry by Stryer ?
Sorry if this sound petulant, but there is still a world apart from the 


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