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                               for  Windows/Win 95 
         The Tools Used By Private Investigators - Now Can Be Yours!

          This disk is a must have for those who want to be able to find
          out practically anything about a person and/or business. 
          The disk contains the sources used by private investigators,
          some which are free and some which charge a small fee, to
          track, locate, background check or screen almost anyone,
          anywhere.  Additionally, the information found on the disk can be used to 
          start your own investigative information business supplying
          information to those who require it for a fee or with the 
          FULL COPYING RIGHTS granted with purchase of the disk - one can
          resell copies of the disk for profit using small ads and/or 
          the internet. 

          You'll be amazed at the sources that are available on this disk.

 Investigative Sources And Resources

          - Asset identification           - Investigative and intelligence information
          - Secrets of past                   - Anything on anybody
Government Resources

          - State by State information services          - Government databases
          - Skip tracing                             - Missing heirs identified and located


          - Use of force                                 - Competitor intelligence
          - Counter intelligence                 - Threat assessment
          And Much More!

          The disk comes with its own menu driven Windows/Win 95 
          interface which includes search and print features, making 
          it easy to locate the sources you're most interested in quickly. 
          And remember with purchase of the disk you also gain FULL 
          COPYING RIGHTS which means you can do what you wish 
          with the information including resell copies of it.

          Alternatively you may decide to offer your own investigative 
          information service to attorneys, businesses, and individuals. 
          Currently professionals charge hundreds of dollars for such 
          information. Now you have their sources at your fingertips to 
          use however you wish!

          These are the tools private investigators use and now they can be 

BONUS for ordering NOW!
          Included as a bonus for purchasing "INVESTIGATIVE SOURCES DISK",  
          is  "Espionage / Counter Espionage Sources".  This disk is chock full of                                                   businesses that sell "James Bond" type stuff. 
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                                 ORDER  FORM

______ Yes, Send me   INVESTIGATIVE SOURCES DISK for Win/Win95
                                   As a free bonus I will receive 
                                   "Espionage / Counter Espionage Sources" 
                                   for ordreing NOW.

                                   Amount of my Order      $19.95

                                   Shipping                           $3.00

                                   Pa. res.  add 6% Tax   ______________

                                   Total Enclosed            ______________

Please Print

Name  _________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

City, ________________________State______ Zip__________________

Telephone #____________________  FAX_________________

E-mail Address ________________________________

Payment By   ______ Check     ______ MO   _____ VISA 
 _____ MasterCard

Card # _________________________________________________

Expiration Date _______________

Name on card if different from above i.e., William not Bill.

Please Fill out, Print and send along with your payment to;

      Mike  Buggy  
    1878 Cider Press Rd.
     Manhiem Pa 17545

Or FAX your credit card order to 
    (717) 664-5273  for faster service.

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