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    ***   [***   A Special Launch Invitation for Leaders   ***]   ***

                           EMPOWERMENT PRINCIPLES (TM)

     Featuring: Hot Tips, Techniques, & Common Sense Strategies For:

       Entreprenuers, Leaders, Teachers, Trainers, Networkers &

       those desiring a second income without a second job

                         What is it all About ???

Empowerment Principles(tm) is a Self Mastery Success Course designed to
help you achieve Networking Success and Leadership Excellence with your
CURRENT PROGRAM. Each month you will receive a premier audio program
and workbook to use for that month. The program has been designed
by personal excellence seminar master, mega success trainer and
Networker -- Bryan Arnold. And, with a little insight and a small effort,
Empowerment (tm) can deliver you prosperity double and triple fold !!!

How Does it Work ???

Empowerment Principles(tm) is designed around a $15.00 monthly autoship
program with a 4 X 10 forced Matrix Pay Structure. That means that
there is space on your front line for 4 people, after that, it's "SPILL
OVER !!!"
Don't underestimate the power of our Leadership Spill Over. Our team
recently built a Matrix of 10,000 Distributors in -- 30 DAYS in another
program; unfortunately for us, software problems with that company
stopped momentum for everyone. Before making a commitment, we
flew in and checked out all critical aspects of Empowerment. From the
product, to corporate, to the software and computer systems, this time we will
achieve our goals. We'r all confident and we're expecting several hundred
thousand sign ups within the next few months !!! Our Leadership team has done
it before, and now   ...   We're doing it again. The question, is, who will be
at the Right Place, at the Right Time. Who wants to start at the Top ??? It
is up to You. Our early invitation is in your hands now.  This is an international

Check it Out !!!

Conference Call Number = 423 - 362 - 4250  Access Code: 1998#

***   Mon. - Thurs. (EST) @ 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm
***   Fri. - Sat. (EST) @ 1pm & 3pm
***   Sun. @ 10:00am

                  Fax on Demand: 415 - 273 - 3911

Things to Do !!! Hurry !!! The Matrix will fill fast $$$

***   "Pull Down" the Fax on Demand Material and Read
***   Listen to one of the National Conferences Calls
***   Get your Questions Answered and email me at:

          EP at

***   I will give you your Priority PowerSponser Information
***   Fax Subscription to Financial Quick - Start Publishing
      ( 602 - 874 - 9448 )
***   Find Four Subscribers and help them Find 4 Subscribers
***   I WILL HELP YOU !!!
***   Massive Email Lead Generation Program !!!
***   Massive Fax Blasting !!!
***   True Automated Systems in Place
***   We're Going Deep

Yours in success!

  EP at

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