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Do you know how to use email? Then you should be 
making money hand over fist on the internet! 

By the time you're finished reading this letter, you'll 
know EXACTLY how I'm doing it, and how YOU can too!

I'm sure you have heard a lot of things about unsolicited
bulk e-mail.   Some of ot good and some of ot not so good.
They call it "Spam".   There are a few people who hate it.
90% of the people out there really don't care one way or the

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!    Bulk E-mail can make you
money so fast it will make your head spin!   There are 
millions of responsive buyers out there for just about
anything you have to sell.   What you are about to read 


Includes the following:

20,000,000 Bulk E-Mail addresses - These RESPONSIVE bulk email addresses
are general internet with some larger domains in the list. If you are
looking for NON-AOL, NON-COMPUSERVE names there are millions and millions
of them on this CD, of course there are also AOL & CS addresses as well.

VERY RESPONSIVE Bulk Email Addresses. Comes on a CD in simple to use
format. List is broken down into files. Comes unzipped - No Extracting.
Loads right off of your CD into Bulk E-Mail sending software. Saves hard
drive space. New Lists out at least once a month. Remember extracting bulk
email names takes about one hour to get 5,000. Here you have the equivalent
of a few years of extracting bulk email names. While your competitors are
busy extracting bulk email names you can be bulk e-mailing and getting

The address files on the CD Rom are about 100,000 addresses per file and 
grouped by domain. 

FREE 10 day Stealth Mass Mailer.    An e-mail Sending program that
actually sends your mail at up to 300,000 messages per hour with a 28.8 
connection.    If your have a 56.6 modem or an ISDN line you can mail up
ONE MILLION messages per hour.   If You were to do that by snail mail 
it would cost you over half a million dollars.   The Stealth Mass mailer 
is a $400 product, but you can use it for 10 days Absolutely FREE!  

The Stealth Mass Mailer is very easy to use.   No long learning curve.   You'll
be up and running in no time.   Why let a few cyber-nazi's and techno-punks
keep you from making the kind of money you've always dreamed about.

You will also recieve another amazing bulk email program -- GoldRush.

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