Have Your Debts Paid For You!!

Debt Management Club Rewards at GLOBAL-ADS.COM
Wed Oct 29 09:39:23 EST 1997

Debt Management Club  -  Have your bills paid
without ever paying funds back!  Pay off cars,
credit cards, loans, mortgages, child support,
judgments, and much, much more.  Succeeds 
beyond expectations!  It's true, and it works!

 1) Retrieve fax-on-demand at 888-238-0302.  
 2) Fill in and sign nondisclosure.  
 3) Fax to company 818-769-7358.
 4) Then call for phone appointment 818-763-1000.
 5) They explain everything.

Sponsor is W. Garrison #763  Voicemail 713-768-6745

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