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 The Ultimate Money Machine
 Another "interactive" email by Cyber Promotions,
 the founder of the bulk email industry.
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 Here from Sterling Marketing -- The "ULTIMATE MONEY MACHINE!"
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 It's about creating a lifestyle that allows you
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 Here's how to do it... SIMPLY and QUICKLY... it's a HOT new product that
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 Does the concept of earning up to $1,000 a day appeal to you?  IMAGINE!
 Making more money EVERY DAY than most people do in a week.
 How?  By publishing from a CD ROM, 750 professionally written "How-To"
 Reports, Manuals and Books.  With the "Instant Publisher CD," you own
 the rights to reprint and sell these publications and keep the profits.
 The subjects of these publications range from "Money Making" to "How To
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 hundreds of other titles that you see advertised about everywhere.
 If you have been looking for a product for the INTERNET, MAIL ORDER or
 DIRECT MARKETING, this is your product.  These publications range from
 one page reports to 40 page manuals to 200 page books.
 These Reports, Manuals and Books really sell.  Consider the huge
 market.  in the U.S. there are 200 million consumers as well as 40
 million small business owners.  It's a starving market with unlimited
 opportunities for profit with this "How-To" information.
 If you are doing business by mail or on the Internet, or have plans to,
 the information in these fact-filled reports will be extremely valuable
 to you.  One idea may be worth several times the cost of this CD.
 Does this EXCITE you?  This is no pie in the sky, impossible project.
 This opportunity is not only feasible, but practical.  Information is
 the Number 1 best product to sell on the Internet or in Mail Order.
 Just fill your orders with printed reports and manuals and watch the
 money roll in!  Print for pennies... sell for dollars!
 Right now you can own the reprint rights to these 750 professionally
 written reports, manuals and books for only $149.00 plus $3.00 shipping
 and handling. (Total $152.00)
 And, if you order within the next 14 days, we will include a FREE
 GIFT worth $89.95.  It is 593 Business Letters on a CD ROM.  This
 is a complete library of business letters and forms at your
 If you're looking for a product and an easy way to make your COMPUTER
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