Make a Fortune Working Part-Time!

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Tue Sep 2 16:42:58 EST 1997

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I represent a company started by just an ordinary woman who has made millions of 
dollars in mail-order. This is one of the  last ways YOU can get rich. She started with only 
$300 and turned it into over $21,000,000 in sales in 7 years. 
Now There Is An Amazing New Way YOU Can Do This Get Rich Method Part-Time! 
It's called PART-TIME WEALTH! And is an amazing new way you can make money
from home! In fact, you can make BIG money with this new program and use it for
only 90 days! Then you can take the rest of the year off and do whatever you want and
still make money! 

$> No MLM: This has NOTHING to do with multi-level marketing. Nobody has to
know what you're doing to make money!

$> NO SELLING: You'll never have to talk to anyone... do any personal selling... or
convince anyone of anything!

$> TOTAL FREEDOM: You can make money - and still have plenty of time for your
family, friends, and social life!

$> GET PAID EVERY MONTH: A check will be sent every month when you
successfully use this simple program!  

$> GET RICH: It's potentially possible to make as much as $100,000 a year or more
with this program! This is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is a get rich easy business!

$> WORK AT HOME: Do everything at home working only 30 - 90 minutes a day for
as little as three months!

$> THE PERFECT RETIREMENT PLAN: You can pass this get-rich method along to
your kids and grandkids when you retire!

$> LOW LOW LOW Start up Costs!

$> THIS IS REAL: This is a totally new money making opportunity which combines
FIVE different billion dollar methods in a whole new way!

$> Does it sound too good to be believed? Well, believe it! This money making method
is INCREDIBLE! It's everything you could want in a home based business!

There is so much more about our PART-TIME WEALTH program that it will not fit
in this E-Mail message. We have some printed information that we would like to send you. If you
would like more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity please send me your
name and address on a self addressed stamped envelope to:

K D Enterprises #A         
P. O Box # 62148             
San Angelo, Texas 76904

* Please include $5 along with your S.A.S.E. to cover printed material cost and
handling. This nominal fee will be refunded if you choose to join our low cost program!
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On a final note: How many times have you spent a few bucks on the lottery thinking
you can "hit the big one"? Well, you have the winning lottery ticket staring you in the
face! Stop worrying about where you can get more money. This is it! There is nothing
else like it! You will be working for yourself, but you will have a multi-million dollar
company standing behind you supporting your every move.  Isn't it worth taking a look? 
What are you waiting for?


P.S.   Our research has found that if you do not act at once when you read this message, you
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