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Fri Sep 5 11:32:10 EST 1997

   If you use oil for racing, commercial applications, diesel engines, or passenger car fleets  YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF A NEW OIL TECHNOLOGY.  A TBN of 320, (regular oil has TBN of 8)  a new EXTREME PRESSURE discovery, and reduced friction, means more MPG, more HORSEPOWER, ACCELERATION, and ENGINE LIFE.  All from legitimate Calcium Carbonate technology, not some mystery "snake oil" ingredient.

   This new oil discovery is just months old, and it's being introduced to racing teams, trucking companies, fleets, and commercial applications by a small US public company, rather than through giant, slow moving, major oil companies.  If you're in this category we will be glad to send you some FREE of charge.

   If you are interested in trying Oil Extreme send e-mail,  with your name, address, phone # and company if one, for full technical info, and dynamometer proof that this technology can save you money, and increase performance dramatically.  

P.S. Some of your competitors are using it now.


		George W. French
		President, JSL Technologies, Inc.


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