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The American Guide Book for Customs and Life Sytles

"America Is..."  a Mini-Encyclopedia of American Life is a "must" for all visitors and new residents of the United States.

This 272 page guide book covers Communication, Transportation, Money, Shopping, Tips, Housing, Metrics-U.S/Clothes, Holidays, Social Life, Schools, Doctors/Hospitals/Emergencies, The American Kitchen, Sports, Library, Reference, and even Restroom complete with index.  

Some answered questions are:
Banking:  What about transferring money to a new account?
Immigration:  What should I know about the Immigration Dept?
Holidays:  What are they and what are the customs to observe?
Shopping:  What if I have a complaint about something I bought?
American kitchen:  What are the conversions to American sizes?
Housing:  How can we find a house to rent or buy?
Schools:  When is school and what kinds are there?

*  Complete Guide to American Culture
*  Easy-to-read English
*  Written by a world-traveled American insider
*  Pocket/purse sized for plane or luggage
*  Practical tips for everyday living
*  Written for business people, students, visitors, immigrants
*  Indispensable resource and reference guide

ONLY $12.95..AND WORTH MUCH MORE...includes tax, postage/handling
Send check or money order to:
"America Is..." 
           PO Box 1085
           Newport Beach CA 92659

Here are what some of the people are saying about this book.

*  "I am using "America Is..." to help my students grasp special aspects of the American culture and ways of life.  It is a must in everybody's private library."
                Francis T. Lamle, J.D., Ph.D.
                California's Americanization Teacher of the Year

*  "I find the work to be exceptionally useful, practically oriented and of meaning to many:  educators, travelers, business people alike.  It should be a standard for some time and deserves an international market."
                V. Lynn Tyler, Administrator
                International/Intercultural Resource Services
                Brigham Young University, Provo Utah

*  "I was amazed at the details you were able to pack into this easily read reference book.  Congratulations on this outstanding effort."
                Resident Manager
                Marriott Hotels
                Newport Beach, California

*  "America Is..." is well-written and very clear and concise.   The book would not only help foreign visitors coming to our country, but Americans who want to know more about the US."
                Stella Cardoza
                Sister Cities of Irvine California

*  "America Is..."---what a fine idea!  The information is well-presented and the potential for real assistance to newcomers to the United States is invaluable."
                Marian Bergeson
                Senator, 37th District
                State of California

*  "America Is..."is a zestful eye-opener for Americans as well as a great benefit to foreign visitors and travelers.  This is a uniquely valuable, useful book."
                Christopher Creely
                Coastline Community College Bookstore
                Orange County, California

*  "Do you have an exchange student coming?  Ideal.  Is a co-worker or neighbor a newcomer?  Recommend it.  Is your church group sponsoring an immigrant?  Use it."                
                Sue Hendricks
                Calendar Section
                Los Angeles Times

*  "America Is..." is crammed with practical advice on American life and lore.  It is loaded with information on coping with customs, rules and systems that often are bewildering to a newcomer.
                Jeff Rowe
                The Orange County Register
                Santa Ana, Calfironia

ONLY $12.95..AND WORTH MUCH MORE...Includes tax, postage/handling

Send check or money order to:
  "America Is..."
        	  PO Box 1085
            Newport Beach CA 92659




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