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Mon Sep 8 13:24:26 EST 1997


My name is Payton Byrd and I'm the president of RepliNets Services.  
I have a special invitation for you!

Power Page is a great system, but I believe I've put together 
a better one!  RepliNets services is a new web server selling 
REAL web space for a fraction of the cost of Power Page.  
When you join you get your own self replicating pages in 
addition to your personal pages.  Your self replicating pages 
work like Power Pages, with one major difference:  You don't 
have to send out a single code! RepliNets does everything for you!  
So visit the site, take the tour, fill out the application and 
join the best new system on the net!

This is simple and easy to understand-You get an INSTANT WEBPAGE just like the one you visit. Plus you have up to 10 days to send in your small enrollment fee, so you can PROMOTE for a couple days to see how it goes!

The company will also do limited BULK E-MAILING for you to jump-start YOUR NEW BUSINESS. This offering is especially suited to those with limited time to spend, and those new to network marketing.

Visit and sign up on one of our host pages below.

Thanks for your time!

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