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Attn All Businesses : Increase Profits Immediately 

If you operate a business or in the process of starting one, please 

pay close attention to this notice. You will increase your profits by 

increasing your access to new customers, increasing your 

receivables, increasing your sales, and saving you money on 

services you may already have. Our offer is GIMMICK-FREE so 

please read the entire notice so that you  may determine whether 

or not our offer can benefit your company. Our offer is Good 

for new businesses or established businesses. Owners with good credit 

or unfavorable. Internet, mail or phone, work-at-home, or retail 

establishments qualify. For less than $40 per month your business 

will be furnished with :

A Merchant Bank Card account-with no monthly statement fee and 
a 1.39% rate for retail-swipe transactions, and a low 2.39% rate for
non-swipe (mail/phone orders). Both carry a 20 cent per transaction
fee. Comes with your own software to install into your own computer, 
or, comes with your own separate terminal.

You will increase business immediately, even if you believed you 
could not qualify, or thought it was to expensive, or felt it was to 
complicated. You will begin excepting ALL major credit cards 
immediately, using a bank card terminal, or your own computer if 
you prefer. Even if you are in a high-risk industry (computer mail 
order, gambling, telemarketing, travel agency and health clubs). 
All business invited, especially work-at-home and internet merchants, 
and even flea-market merchants... even if new in business. 

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER OFFERS ? Please read below carefully.

First, there is no risk to the applicant, since there is no application 
fee. Next, we have no monthly statement fees, common to 99% of 
the banks in the industry. Next, we have really low processing rates, 
including a phenomenal 1.39% rate for retail accounts.  For mail 
order, our per-transaction fees are a phenomenal 20 cents, not 30 
cents common to the industry.  But this is what separates us from the
competition. Obtain your merchant account today from our company, 
and you will receive the following services free!

1. Accept checks by fax or e-mail-immediately increases your sales 
and collections.  Accept business or personal checks by phone, 
deposit them into your bank account the very same day! ($310 value)

2. 800 / 888 services set up at 9.4 cents per minute. Increase your 
business by giving your perspective customers easy access to you. 
No monthly fees, no setup charges, excellent rates, guaranteed 24hrs 
a day, seven days a week with incremental billing! ($180 yearly value)

3. Get new customers-free! Our e-mail software will allow you to literally 
send out to millions of prospects your business offer. Our competition is 
selling this software for $1000 and more. It is one of the best kept secrets 
in the industry, and is already revolutionizing the way many business are 
approaching there direct-mail campaigns... by practically eliminating them 
and using e-mail to reach more prospects with out the cost of postage 
and materials! ($999 value) 

4. FREE WEB PAGE (2 pages + an online order form = 3 pages) setup. 
Not only that, we will host and list your "WEB STORE" in over 450
 search engines for three months-FREE. Again, free web page setup, 
and free web page listing and hosting, for 3 months. ($250 value) 

For less than $40 per month, you will receive a merchant account for 
accepting all major credit cards, which INCLUDES your processing 
Terminal or software. You will receive checks by fax, You will receive
 a free 800# with no monthly fees, You will receive our e-mail software 
to attract new customers, and you will be setup with your own web page 
and have it hosted and listed for 3 months, free of charge. Whatever it 
is you are selling, weather it is to increase sales or get started, YOU WILL
NEVER come across an offer such as this one, offering so much, for so 
little to start. Better yet, there is no risk to get started, since there is no 
application fee for your merchant account (unless you are a high-risk
 merchant, than a refundable application fee would apply). We are giving 
you every reason to consider our offer and get started immediately. In fact, 
we also offer an incentive for those merchants who get started right away-
FREE CHECK COLLECTION (avoid the hassles of bounced checks).

For more information please hit the REPLY BUTTON and type 400AD 
in either the subject line or body of the e-mail. (Please include your phone 
number). You will receive further information via phone or e-mail and a 
preliminary application designed to assist us determine the best bank for 
your merchant account.

Or call us directly: (813) 508-2676 during business hours, or fax us 24 
hours (813) 532-6996) - please use reference # 400AD in any 
communication to our company in order to qualify your web page service, 
e-mail software, 800# setup, and checks by phone/fax system that come 
with your Visa/MC/Amex merchant account.

How to contact us in writing :

Electronic Processing of NY/financial services, 520 third ave, suite 310, 
New York, NY. 10016.

Financial services and solutions works with major companies enabling us 
to bring you the best services available in America without having to pay 
expensive middle-man fees. Our services have the following in common : 
Increasing your sales, increasing your collection efforts, increasing your 
customer traffic, and saving you money. We offer ATM services (placing 
a physical ATM in your establishment), collection services, check collection 
software, check guarantee services, fax-on-demand services, ACH wire 
transfer services, internet web services, and telecommunication services to 
name a few. Contact us today and make us your one-stop shopping center 
for all your business needs.

NOTE : Only owners with undischarged bankruptcies (currently unresolved) 
will automatically declined from our merchant account (Visa/MC/Amex). They 
can still apply for all our other services, still priced at competitive, wholesale

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