Why do people abuse these newsgroups?

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>    I am a Biology/Secondary Education Major at a SUNY college in the state
> of New York.  I am currently taking a course in Media and Technology as it
> applies to teaching in the classroom.  We began studying newsgroups today,
> and since I am a bio major, I thought that "bionet.general" sounded
> interesting just to look in to see what other people around the country
> and the world were saying.  
>    As I was scrolling down the list of postings, I was struck by the
> number of advertisements ("Earn Extra Ca$h!!") for things totally
> unrelated to biology, and even worse things ("Hot XXX Sites!").
>    I realize that like all technology, it can hurt as well as benefit.  My
> only hope is that if you (the reader) are one of those advertisers, please
> kkep your advertisements off of newsgroups that are not oriented to
> advertisements.


Perhaps a bit later in your class you'll learn two things:

1)  These "advertisers" don't read the newsgroups that they post in, so the 
    chances are very slim that any of them will read your message, much less 
    respond to it.

2)  Most of these people (that they are people might be debatable) are dumber 
    than fenceposts.

Hang in there, though.  This group has an exceedingly high noise-to-signal
ratio.  You might want to check some other newsgroups in the bionet
hierarchy for examples on how newsgroups are used properly.  Also, there
are rumors that this group may become moderated in the not-so-distant

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