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You were chosen to receive this free report from the <B>Sexual Performance Institute</B> because we believe that you are interested in the following:


<FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3>Since our intent is not to offend, please do not continue unless you are truly seeking to learn explicit details of the secrets of the world's great lovers.</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3> 	

Who am I?	

My name is Robert Irwin.  I am a sexual therapist, researcher and the current Executive Director of the <B>Sexual Performance Institute.</B> Over the past eight years, I have traveled across the United States, Canada and Caribbean, presenting our <B><I>Sexual Mastery</B></I> (tm) seminars. These seminars introduce men to the latest, most important scientific findings regarding male sexual performance. 

<FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3><I>I have written this report to make you aware of the latest clinical data and how you can utilize it to supercharge your love life.</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></I> My hope is that you realize that it is possible for otherwise-ordinary men to become Sexual Superstars! This fact has been proven by hundreds of our seminar graduates; we refer to these men that become sexually proficient as "Sexual Masters." These men are not any better looking, richer or more intelligent than you are. Yet, they regularly enjoy sexual performance and enjoyment that some men may not even dream is possible.

What is possible for you, as a "Sexual Master?"

<B>Maintain a rock-hard erection...for as long as you desire.</B> No matter how "hot" the situation (or position) you are in, you can be in complete control of the exact moment of your climax. If you desire, you can bring your partner to multiple orgasms with the same erection.  Or, you can climax on command. 

Never again apologize to your partner for prematurely ejaculating! With a better understanding of how your erection and orgasm processes work, you can learn to maintain an erection...indefinitely! There are some exercises involved in mastering this ability, but they are non-stressful and can be done anywhere, in a few minutes per day. Think of the tremendous sexual confidence that you would possess if you knew that you were in total control of the duration of your erections?

<B>Be multi-orgasmic.</B> Why should women have all the fun? Although this ability is generally accepted in women, very few men master the physical and mental skills necessary to be "multi-orgasmic." What does it mean to be a multi-orgasmic male?  Clinically, it is the ability to have two (or more) orgasms, in rapid succession, without the need for an extended rest (refractory) period between orgasms. You can minimize the length of your refractory periods and are capable of achieving between three and six full-ejaculatory orgasms, within several hours. 

Physically (or scientifically) speaking, there is no reason that you can't experience many orgasms in a very short period of time. It is simply a matter of conditioning. And, even if you are a "couch potato," you will be very capable of doing the conditioning exercises necessary to allow you to become completely multi-orgasmic. Can you imagine your partner's delight, when you are able to keep up with her...climax for climax?

<B>Learn to achieve "non-ejaculatory"orgasms. </B>Did you know it was possible to orgasm without ejaculating? This skill really is the "best of all worlds." As you may remember from your pre-puberty days, orgasm and ejaculation are two different and separate events. With some concentration and practice, you can learn to keep them separate. Why would you want to do this? Some men consider it the "next" level of sex. Men that are familiar with these amazingly pleasurable experiences describe them as more intense than the ordinary (ejaculatory) variety, plus... they have the tremendous bonus of allowing you to have many consecutive orgasms with no (zero) loss of erection! This sounds like something you might like to try, doesn't it?

<B>Understand women (and their bodies) better than they do.</B> Most importantly, you will understand that a woman's most responsive sexual organ is her....Brain. They accept that their ultimate sexual success starts with how well they understand the erogenous zone between a woman's ears. Although this may not sound "politically correct"...women are different than men! And, I've observed that most Masters have (or develop) an intuitive understanding of these differences and what they mean relative to women's deepest expectations and desires. No doubt, women think about sex differently than men do. 

During the last eight years of my research, I have spent considerable time questioning women about sex. During my counseling sessions with couples, I was particularly interested in learning about the women's unspoken, secret fantasies, needs and desires. Women seem to find it easier to talk about such things to a professional counselor than to their partners. And, fortunately, for you, I have documented these fantasies, needs and desires.

Understanding what women really want and expect gives you the opportunity to experience the true limits of your (or her) sexual potential. This knowledge guarantees that you have a willing and completely stimulated partner...someone that wants to "push that envelope" as much, or more, than you do!

But, since no two women have exactly the same fantasies, Masters are skilled in ways to learn a woman's most personal desires. There are proven communication techniques to help you do this. And, practicing these techniques can have a tremendous effect on your ability to sexually interest a woman.

<B>Determine the best approach to successfully interest a particular woman in sex. </B>More importantly, it will assure you that she is "in the mood" for the hottest, most exciting sort of sexual experimentation. If you've ever wondered why you sometimes see beautiful, sexy women with seemingly-ordinary guys, (other than immense trust funds or blackmail) this is the reason...those "ordinary" guys have learned how to know, and fulfill, these women's  most secret fantasies.

<B>Have a solid grasp (pun intended) of the female anatomy.</B> The purpose of my seminars is to help men become incredible lovers. But, if your goal was just to be a great lover, you could achieve that with a better knowledge of the female anatomy (based upon the latest scientific sexual research). This is not rocket science! But, it is science.

Understand the difference between a clitoral or vaginal orgasm; know which type women experience most frequently, and determine which type she is having. 

Be very familiar with the famous G Spot and learn its amazing capacity to render a woman virtually powerless to her sexual passions! You can  easily locate the G Spot and know how to best stimulate it. This knowledge, alone, will make you very much "In Demand" with women.

<B>Learn to avoid the FIVE FUNDAMENTAL MISTAKES OF FEMALE STIMULATION.</B>  Most females are capable of achieving multiple orgasms during a lovemaking session. If your woman is not experiencing this type of pleasure with you, you may be making one (or more) of these fundamental errors. Finally... your approach to lovemaking can be based upon scientifically sound principles, instead of luck and superstition! Avoiding these fundamental mistakes gives you the ability to easily, and consistently, bring your partner to orgasm after orgasm.

<B>Be a "Master" at performing oral sex.</B> Not all Masters "love" performing oral sex, but all are extremely competent at this critical sexual skill. Almost universally, women love to receive oral gratification and they strongly appreciate a man that can bring her to intense climaxes in this way.

<FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3><I>And, for some extraordinary fun....</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></I>

Masters have discovered a female sexual ability that is relatively unknown to the general public...The Female Ejaculatory Orgasm.  From my research, it appears that less than 1% of women regularly have this experience. Women describe this type of orgasm as very different from a "normal" orgasm.  This type of orgasm feels as if it emanates from an area deeper within the woman's pelvic area.  It tends to be a much stronger, slower-building, and longer-lasting orgasm.  And (hence its name), it usually results in the woman ejaculating liquid in a manner similar to a male. Masters reported that they could bring their women to this type of orgasm between 14% and 17% of the time!

Give your woman the sexual "gift" that she deserves. I am sure that you are interested in giving her very best of everything. And, sexually, there is no better gift than helping her to discover this amazing experience. Once you have shown her how pleasurable and intense her orgasms can be, you will no longer be the only one pursuing sex. You will be pleasantly surprised at how often she initiates your lovemaking sessions!

<B>Learn the "Perfect Sex Position," </B>scientifically designed to virtually guarantee that your woman orgasms during intercourse. You've no doubt heard the phrase, "There is nothing new under the sun." Don't believe it! Millions of years of evolution, sexual and otherwise, and it is only in the past 20 years that science has discovered that there is a "new" and "different" sex position...designed for both partners' maximum pleasure. Although you may have accidentally stumbled onto something close to this technique, Masters know exactly how to achieve this "Perfect Position", every time. If you learn nothing else, but this position, your woman will thank you...forever.  

<B>Gain more than just the physical benefits of a great sex life.</B> I am confident that you can learn the physical skills/tricks to make you a virtual "sex machine." I have proven that 78% of men can be taught these skills.  But, ultimately, your true satisfaction with your sex life has just as much to do with attitude. Masters have more than just a "technical" knowledge. Any good piano teacher could teach you how to play a few songs on the takes much more to become a piano takes a passion for music and a dedication to excellence. Similarly, becoming a Sex Master requires that you understand that there is more to sex than just the physical aspects. True Masters approach sex as the magical, mystical activity that it is. And, Masters understand how to use what they have learned, sexually, to maximize other areas of their lives...relationships, career, etc.

<B>Increase your overall satisfaction with your sex life.</B> It amazes me.  Sex is everywhere.... Television, movies, books and magazines. It is estimated that the average male has a sexual thought every 19 seconds! It's been thirty years since the sexual revolution. Computer scientists are working on developing virtual sex.  Yet, most men's real sex lives are still absolutely boring.  Worse than boring.... they are downright disappointing. I am convinced that most men do not enjoy sex.  Really!  I make my living speaking and writing about sexual performance.  I have had the opportunity to speak with thousands of men many of these men open up to me. And very few of them are truly satisfied with their sex lives. Why is this? Because dissatisfaction with your sex life, as with many other areas of your life, is directly related to feeling that you are not completely in control of your ultimate success or failure. 

If you don't have it, you can develop it. Before attending one of our seminars, many men are frustrated with their sexual abilities because they believe ... "You Either Have it Or you Don't." This is, without a doubt, the biggest misconception that we encounter. Your sexual ability and satisfaction can be completely within your control. With the exception of those men that have a true medical problem, you will need only the proper knowledge and training to become sexually proficient. 

<B>Develop a stronger, more exciting, relationship with your partner.</B> "If sex is great, in a relationship, its only 10% important. If it isn't...its 90% important!" Masters have learned how "mind-blowing" sex can be used to make their relationships better. Although great sex does not guarantee a great relationship, it can be a wonderful start. Many of the skills necessary to becoming a sexual master are perfect for developing a more open and intimate relationship.  

<FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3><I>Would you like a completely risk-free opportunity to become a "Sex Master?"</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></I>

Until now, only personal clients or participants in S.P.I clinics have had the chance to obtain the secrets of the Sexual Masters Unfortunately, because of the cost of personal counseling or participating in one of our intensive clinics, few men could afford to take advantage of our programs. But, I have recently finished a book, <U>SEXUAL MASTERY FOR THE NINETIES </U>that is a comprehensive summary of my eight years of research, counseling and clinical presentations with S.P.I. We will be launching a national informercial television campaign to market this book more broadly, but in an effort to garner some immediate feedback and, potentially, some additional testimonials, we have started marketing it via the internet. THE RESPONSE HAS BEEN OVERWHELMING! <FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3>In fact, you can now dowload our book directly into your computer! Complete details about all of your ordering options are at the end of this report.</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>

Let me give you a quick overview of what is covered in this powerful course:

Guide to Sexual Mastery: Contents

<FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3><B>1) The Many Benefits of Becoming a Sex Master
2) How to Maximize the Thickness, Length and Density of Your Erections
3) How to Maintain an Erection...Forever
4) How to Be a Multi-Orgasmic Male
5) The "Next Level" of Orgasm.... The Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm
6) How to Extend Your Orgasms...For Up To an Half Hour 
7) Understanding a Woman's "Deepest" Needs and Desires
8) How to Learn any Woman's Secret Fantasies 
9) The Female Anatomy and You
10) Absolute Ways to Determine If Your Woman Is Faking an Orgasm.  Secrets Only Her Gynecologist Knows
11) The Truth about Female Orgasms. Are they Clitoral, Vaginal or Both?
12) The G Spot.  The Most Powerful "Spot" in the Universe!
13) 5 Fundamental Female Stimulation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
14) Oral Sex...A "Taste" of Sexual Success
15) The Female Ejaculatory Orgasm...The "Super Orgasm"
16) The One "Perfect" Sex Position for Mutual Pleasure
17) Sexual Attitudes of the Masters</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></B>

<B>This book is distilled sexual lightening!</B>

In other words, we answer practically every sexual performance question you can imagine, in detail. We are very proud of this course, and are confident that it will have a tremendous positive impact on your sex life. 

Look what is being said about this powerful book...

<I>"My wife loves how enthusiastic I am in bed. Before I finished this book, I was starting to get anxious about sex.... I just didn't feel in control. One night she even joked about the fact that I was no longer 22 years old...Your course convinced me that I could be in control. I immediately started the conditioning exercises and began to try out all the secrets about pleasuring her. Now I can delay my climax until Amy has hers...last night, she had two orgasms before I decided to come. Anymore, I can't wait to surprise her with my skills in bed."</I>
     	D.G., 31
	Pittsburgh, PA

<I>"This information would have saved my first marriage... I guarantee you that it will help me to make this one last forever! I spent twelve years with first wife, and she practically never pushed me for sex. Since reading your book, Linda, my new wife, is always 'in the mood.' Last Tuesday, she called me at work and begged me to come home for the afternoon. After one of the most incredible afternoons, I made her have an ejaculatory orgasm. I feel like I have a new hobby...Thank you."</I>
	S.L., 39
	Sacramento, CA

<I>"This is the most specific and detailed presentation of effective sexual performance techniques I have ever seen.  I am a subscriber to Mr. Irwin's newsletter, SEXUAL MASTERY NEWS. Since attending one of his clinical presentations to professionals, four and one half years ago, I have been recommending his clinics and seminars to my clients that could afford them. I now recommend this book to all of my clients.  It is the bible for anyone interested in the latest scientific approaches to male sexual performance."</I>	
	Dr. R.S., Ph.D., 47 
	Los Angeles, CA

<I>"I'll be honest, I use a lot of this stuff when I'm alone... This book has given me a ton of new ideas for how to make masturbating more intense. I can make my erections last for over an hour, sometimes. And I can make my orgasms last almost 45 seconds. There have been several times that I practically had a religious experience!"</I>
	R. M., 26
	Chicago, IL

<I>"The 'perfect sex position' really is perfect! Well, at least my batting average is perfect since starting to use it...Before, Ann never climaxed during intercourse. I thought that there was something wrong with her or me. In the past month, she has climaxed during intercourse (at least once!) every time. This is what I always thought sex was supposed to be."</I>
	M.K., 35
	New York, N.Y.

<I>"Thirty two years old and I hadn't really ever found a 'G Spot.' Now I could find it with my hands tied behind my back...and we may try that soon! Until I read your book, I was convinced that all female orgasms were basically a clitoris thing. So did my fiancée...until now. She told me that the orgasms I've been giving her lately (using your G Spot stimulation techniques), are completely different, deeper and more satisfying."</I>
	J. A., 32
	Houston, TX

<FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3><B>Take the opportunity to learn and try its no risk!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></B>

After you receive your copy of Sexual Mastery for the Nineties, if you are not completely satisfied with it, for any reason, return it and we will politely return your money...<I>no questions asked</I>. <FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3><B>Become a Sex Master or Get Your Money Back!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></B>

<B>We are presently offering <I>SEXUAL MASTERY FOR THE NINETIES </I>at only $28.95... <U>for internet orders received before September 21, 1997! 

</U>You now have TWO easy and quick options to receive your personal edition of this book:

<FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3>The easiest and fastest (and most secure) method>>></FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>1) Check by Fax (Electronic funds transfer): </B>We are using a company that can accept a faxed copy of one of your voided checks as payment.  They can very quickly verify your authorization for us and then automatically debit your account in the amount of $28.95. This allows us to send you a "zipped" copy of <I>SEXUAL MASTERY FOR THE NINETIES </I>within 12-24 hours and it saves you the hassles of mailing a check or the worries about credit card fraud. <FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3>You can start experiencing the secrets of sexual mastery immediately!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3><B>
</U>To order in this way, simply do the following:
     1) Tape a voided blank check to a piece of paper. 
     2) Do not sign the check...on the signature line, <FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3>PRINT </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>the following: <FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3>ACH Debit</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3> (This is the only information that will        
         appear on your bank statement).
     3) Below the check, in the blank area of the paper <FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3>PRINT </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>the following sentence..."Please debit my account $28.95 
         in payment for a copy of the Robert Irwin book."<B>(PA residents include 7% sales tax-$2.00=$30.95 total)</B>
     4) Sign your signature below the preceding sentence.
     5) <FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3>PRINT CLEARLY the email address</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3> where you would like us to email you a  "zipped" copy of the book. 
     6)FAX this information to (412) 859-3132.

Immediately upon recieving verification of your authorization (usually within 12-24 hours), we will send you a "zipped" copy of 

     <B>2) Send a check or money order for $28.95(PA residents include 7% sales tax-$2.00=$30.95 total) to:</B>
      			BOOK OFFER
		      	910 BEAVER GRADE ROAD               
                  	DEPT. 3015-R908
     		      	CORAOPOLIS, PENNSYLVANIA 15108

We will quickly mail you a handsomely-bound, hard-copy version of our book.

</B>Wishing you mastery in all,

Robert Irwin
</B><I>Copyright 1997 Sexual Performance Institute.<B></I>	


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