Reprint Rights

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 Reprint Rights
 Another "interactive" email by Cyber Promotions,
 the founder of the bulk email industry.
 NEW Removal Instructions & UN-BLOCKED EMAIL LIST FOR SALE! ... at end of message.
 If you wish to respond to the following message,
 please do not hit reply.
 Instead, please use the contact information below.
 Announcing, one-time only:
 Wacko Entrepreneur offering the unlimited reprint (and resale) rights to
 661 hot-selling books, reports, and manuals for peanuts...
 Not only that... if you are one of the next 47 people to secure the
 rights to this massive volume of information, you'll get (for FREE) my
 personal "Goldmine Resource Directory," which is jam-packed with all of
 the names and phone numbers of printers, CD-Rom duplicators, audio
 cassette duplicators, order-taking services, 800 number contacts,
 lettershops, list-brokers, voice-mail companies, sure-fire credit card
 merchant account providers, and a lot more.
 If you want to know more about this one-time-only offer, email me at
 reports at and you'll instantly get all the details.
 IMPORTANT: If you wish to respond to the preceding message...
 mailto:reports at
 or <A HREF="mailto:reports at">CLICK HERE</A>.
 Please DO NOT USE REPLY if you wish more information as none can be provided.
 If you wish to be permanently removed from Cyber Promotions'
 e-mailing list, SIMPLY HIT REPLY and type "remove"
 in the subject field or message body.  Your request will
 be processed by a computer program within 36 hours.
 If you have had trouble removing yourself ... or ...
 If you wish to remove up to 10 email addresses from
 Cyber Promotions' e-mailing list, simply send an email
 to manremove at and type the Internet-notated
 email addresses in the body of the message, each on its
 own line, with no extra comments.  Your request will
 be processed by a computer program within 36 hours.
 See all of the details right away...
 Visit ...

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