transgenetic fish

Katinka Waelbers k.waelbers at
Tue Sep 9 12:00:04 EST 1997

Hello biologists,

I'm Katinka Waelbers and I'm a student from the University of Utrecht.
I'm looking for information about transgenetic fish of any kind.
The information wil be used for a technology assesment about
transgenetic fish. 
I would like to know for example:
- Which scientist or organisation is working with transgenetic fishes,
and what the purpose is of their investigations. 
- What the advancements of the transgenetic fish for the aquaculture.
- How is the government in your country dealing with transgenetic
animals. They have told me that the government and people in the
Netherlands talk extremely open about the subject and that the situation
in other countries is much more thense. Is this true? 
- Ect.
Please tel me anything you know about transgenetic fish, 

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