Rotting spam

Roberta Meehan biology at
Fri Sep 12 13:08:41 EST 1997

I just clicked onto bionet.general for the first time since yesterday.  
Out of the 9 unread messages, 7 were crap --  junky, stupid, idiotic 
advertisements.  Not one of those 7 was even REMOTELY connected to 

Could someone please tell me why I keep checking this news service?  No, 
it's not a news service; it's the THRIFTY NICKLE of the internet.  Gag.

Am I a masochist -- or is there just no biological news, views, 
questions, comments, whatever, out there?  Or does my computer have some 
type of filter so I am somehow missing all the biological stuff?

Roberta M. Meehan, PhD

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